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Oregon/Columbia Trades - October Setter Year 1

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - October Setter Year 1
  • Construction Safety

    Introduction to construction safety using OSHA videos

  • What to Expect on the Job

    Introduction to a typical workday for a new apprentice, helper or hire.

  • Safety Orientation Part 1

    Introduction to personal protection equipment or PPE

  • Safety Orientation Part 2

    Introduction to reporting accidents, lifting techniques, fall protection, ladders, vehicle safety

  • Safety Orientation Part 3

    Introduction to toolbox talks, safety boxes, fire extinguishers, eye wash, and annual training

  • Tile Specific Safety Awareness

    Intro to safety concerns for any tile installer or finisher

  • How to Find/Use TCNA Handbook Methods

    This course walks you through different ways to find methods in the TCNA Handbook.