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Oregon/Columbia Trades - November Setter Year 1

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - November Setter Year 1
  • Orientation to the Job

    Introduction to the tile trade

  • Cutting Tool Orientation

    Introduction to cutting tools that will be used on the job.

  • Electric Tool Orientation

    Introduction to electric tools that you will use on the job.

  • Hand Tool Orientation

    Introduction to hand tools that you will be using on the job.

  • History of Tile

    Overview of the history of tile.

  • Uncoupling Mats (Membranes)

    This course introduces the learner to underlayment mats, how they are different from other membranes, and how they are installed.

  • Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program Orientation

    Assuming that you are a part of a US DOL registered apprenticeship program, this course will give an overview of what it means.