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Oregon/Columbia Trades - April Setter Year 1

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - April Setter Year 1
  • Grout Problems and Remedies

    This course reviews common problems associated with grout and how to remedy them.

  • Demolition Process

    Previously you learned about tools used in demolition.  In this couse, the learner will understand the demolition process including what to do prior to demolition and how to demo floors and walls.

  • Surface Preparation 201

    In this course we will discuss:  the definition of and requirements for surface preparation, FF and FL numbers and how they relate to the tile industry, how floor flatness affects a tile installation, and the difference between flatness, level and plumb.

  • Backer Boards

    This is an introduction to backer boards including the different types and where they are used.

  • Patch Materials - Concrete

    This course introduces the learner to products that can be used to patch concrete and how they are used.

  • Portland Cement Mortar Bed 201

    This course will review surface prep and installation techniques of mortar bed

  • Surface Prep - Concrete

    Before the tile installation begins, the concrete needs to be prepped for the installation.  This could include checking for flatness or making sure the surface in bondable.  This course will review the requirements for concrete before the tile installation begins.