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Oregon/Columbia Trades - November Setter Year 2

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - November Setter Year 2
  • Backer Boards for Tile Installations

    Introductary course on the types of backer boards and differences of each that have standards and are approved for use in tile installations.

  • Communication 101

    One cannot survive in a business or work setting without being able to communicate. Communication has many definitions but in essence, it is defined as the act of exchanging thoughts, messages, or information. This course reviews different types of communication that a tile setter will see on the job.

  • Environmental Conditions

    In this course, we will discuss: how environmental conditions affect the proper selection of installation methods and products.· Best practices for each stage of a project related to environmental conditions· Controlling the environment during the installation and key safety topics.

  • Portland Cement Mortar Beds 301

    Mortar beds are being installed in a wide variety of applications all over the world. We have covered the basic applications such as regular floors and walls in previous courses so now we will explore more complex uses for them.