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Oregon/Columbia Trades - April Setter Year 2

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - April Setter Year 2
  • Helping the Setter - Trowel and Error

    In this course, you will learn: proper troweling techniques, coverage, and proper methods for tile installations.

  • Strategies for Exterior Tile Installations

    So many more factors must be considered when tile is installed on the exterior of a building.  This course reviews the planning and installation techniques for exterior tile installations

  • The ACT Way to Build a Reliable Shower

    This is an AIA approved course on constructing a shower based on an industry certification.

  • Safety - Scaffolds, Booms, Forklifts

    This course is focused on telescoping booms, forklifts, and scaffolding. You will learn: what OSHA considers a competent person, skills, confidence, and training required to operate lifts or install scaffold and how to efficiently plan your project.