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Oregon/Columbia Trades - June Setter Year 2

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - June Setter Year 2
  • Glass Tile

    Introduction to glass tile

  • Grout Team Leader

    Depending on the size of the company that you work for, it is possible to have a full team grouting behind the tile setters.  If you find yourself in charge of this group this course will identify different considerations that you need to make when managing the group.

  • Soft Joints/Movement Joints

    In this course, we will discuss: placement and types of joints, types of approved sealants, and installation and best practices.

  • Organizational Skills

    Good organizational skills can prove beneficial in many areas of life, including personal and business areas. Organization can increase a person’s general productivity, project management, and can even affect his memory and retention skills. This course reviews basics of organizational skills.