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Oregon/Columbia Trades - December Finisher

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - December Finisher
  • Surface Profile

    Bondable surfaces are required for a successful tile installation.  This course reviews bond breakers, how to check for them, and how to review them.

  • Cleaning Agents and Maintenance

    Once the installation is complete and turned over to the customer, implementing a proper maintenance program for each particular application is critical to insuring its beauty, long-term function and performance.   This course reviews proper cleaning agents to be used and when.

  • Introduction to Cleaning Agents and Sealers

    Just before you leave a project, you may need to do a final cleaning or seal the surface.  This course introduces you to the products that are used and when.

  • Enhancer and Impregnator Sealer

    This course will review what sealers do and do not do, gain knowledge about the different types of enhancers and natural look impregnator sealers, an you will know how to use these products and the variables to consider when using them.

  • Hand Tools Equipment Knowledge

    In the introductory course, you learned the basics of hand tools you'll use on the job. This course goes into more detail about these tools.

  • Cutting Tools Equipment Knowledge

    Now that you have learned about what each cutting does, this course will go into further details about how they are used.