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FCT Level 4

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Courses in FCT Level 4
  • Grout Team Leader

    Depending on the size of the company that you work for, it is possible to have a full team grouting behind the tile setters.  If you find yourself in charge of this group this course will identify different considerations that you need to make when managing the group.

  • Surface Profile Operator

    In this course, we will discuss what it means to be a surface profile operator and the potential tasks and responsibilities of the surface profile operator.

  • Portland Cement Mortar Beds 301

    Mortar beds are being installed in a wide variety of applications all over the world. We have covered the basic applications such as regular floors and walls in previous courses so now we will explore more complex uses for them.

  • Surface Preparation 201

    In this course we will discuss:  the definition of and requirements for surface preparation, FF and FL numbers and how they relate to the tile industry, how floor flatness affects a tile installation, and the difference between flatness, level and plumb.

  • Waterproof Membranes 301

    This course dives further into applications using waterproof membranes.  It takes a look at the differences between using waterproof membranes in regular showers versus steam showers.

  • Underlayments 201

    In a previous course you learned the basic about what underlayments are and when they are used.  In this course you will learn:service ratings and environmental classifications, natural stone and ceramic tile installation differences, and differences in TCNA methods including framing requirements

  • Soft Joints/Movement Joints

    In this course, we will discuss: placement and types of joints, types of approved sealants, and installation and best practices.

  • Enhancer and Impregnator Sealer

    This course will review what sealers do and do not do, gain knowledge about the different types of enhancers and natural look impregnator sealers, an you will know how to use these products and the variables to consider when using them.

  • Cleaning Agents and Maintenance

    Once the installation is complete and turned over to the customer, implementing a proper maintenance program for each particular application is critical to insuring its beauty, long-term function and performance.   This course reviews proper cleaning agents to be used and when.

  • Environmental Conditions

    In this course, we will discuss: how environmental conditions affect the proper selection of installation methods and products.· Best practices for each stage of a project related to environmental conditions· Controlling the environment during the installation and key safety topics.

  • Helping the Setter - Cutting and Fitting

    We have already discussed how to use snap cutters, wet saws, and angle grinders in previous courses so today we are going to look at different measuring methods, different cuts that you may be required to make, and other potential issues that you should be consider when cutting the tile.

  • Helping the Setter - Math Skills

    This course introduces the learner to math skills needed to assist tile setter.

  • Helping the Setter - Trowel Knowledge

    This course introduces the learner to the different trowels that you could be using while helping the setter.

  • Helping the Setter - Trowel and Error

    In this course, you will learn: proper troweling techniques, coverage, and proper methods for tile installations.