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Oregon/Columbia Trades - January Finisher

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - January Finisher
  • Helping the Setter - Trowel and Error

    In this course, you will learn: proper troweling techniques, coverage, and proper methods for tile installations.

  • Helping the Setter - Trowel Knowledge

    This course introduces the learner to the different trowels that you could be using while helping the setter.

  • Grinding Tool Equipment Knowledge

    Grinding tools are essential to most tile installations.  This course will review the grinding tools that you could see and use.

  • Mixing Tool Equipment Knowledge

    This course will review the various drills, paddles, and hand tools that can be used to mix materials.

  • Demolition Tools Equipment Knowledge

    In any remodel, you will need to do some demolition including removing old tile.  This course reviews the demolition equipment that you could use in remodels.

  • Power Tool Equipment Knowledge

    This course will review power tools that you will see and use on the job.