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Oregon/Columbia Trades - February Finisher

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - February Finisher
  • Grout Overview Video

    Even though you have watched an intro to grout course, here is a video created for NTCA by TEC to further explain grouts.

  • Introduction to Grout

    Introduction to different types of grout

  • High Performance Cement Grout

    Introduction to high performance cement grout and the application process

  • Epoxy Grout

    Introduction to epoxy grout and the application process

  • Grout Clean-Up and Detailing

    Before leaving the project, make sure that grout has been removed from all surfaces and would be acceptable to the end user.  This course reviews steps you should take to proper finish your grout work before leaving the job.

  • Grout Problems and Remedies

    This course reviews common problems associated with grout and how to remedy them.