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Oregon/Columbia Trades - June Finisher

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - June Finisher
  • Bonding Primer

    In a previous course, we introduced you to primers.  In this course, we will review of bonding primer uses and limitations.

  • Backer Boards

    This is an introduction to backer boards including the different types and where they are used.

  • Moisture Concerns when Installing Over Concrete

    Introduction to sources of moisture in concrete and testing

  • Shower Pan Construction

    Shower pans are a common area for failures.  This course shows different methods to correctly install a shower pan.

  • Time and Schedule Management

    This course teaches you the basics of time and schedule management. In this course you will learn: effective planning will reduce the time spent on the job, the importance of executing the plan while on the job and meeting completion milestones, and the importance and real value of meeting the clients schedule.