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Oregon/Columbia Trades - June Setter Year 1

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Courses in Oregon/Columbia Trades - June Setter Year 1
  • Safety Review

    We have reviewed a lot of courses specific to safety when installing tile.  This course reviews information that was explained in those courses.

  • Helping the Setter

    Introduction to helping the setter on the job.

  • Moisture Concerns when Installing Over Concrete

    Introduction to sources of moisture in concrete and testing

  • SLU - Self Leveling Underlayments Over Concrete

    This course introduces the learner to SLU over concrete and how it is used.

  • SLU - Self Leveling Underlayments Over Wood Substrates

    This is an introductory course to SLU over wood substrates and how it is installed.

  • Sound Reduction Membranes

    This course reviews what makes a membrane a sound reduction membrane, how the membranes are tested, and code requirements for sound and impact resistance.

  • Vapor Barriers

    Vapor barriers limit the flow of moisture and vapor through them.  This course reviews products that are considered vapor barriers, how they are tested, and where they are used.

  • Difference Between W2 and 1099 Workers

    Basic differences between W2 and 1099 classifications are discussed

  • Year One Review

    Now that you have finished several courses over your first year of employment, let's take a quick review of what you have viewed and quiz you on what you have learned.