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Louisville Tile Installation 101

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Courses in Louisville Tile Installation 101
  • Grout Problems and Remedies

    This course reviews common problems associated with grout and how to remedy them.

  • Introduction to Bonding Materials

    Introduction to bonding materials and where they are used

  • Introduction to Cleaning Agents and Sealers

    Just before you leave a project, you may need to do a final cleaning or seal the surface.  This course introduces you to the products that are used and when.

  • Introduction to Preparation Materials

    Introduction to materials used to prep surfaces

  • Introduction to Trims and Profiles

    This course in an introduction to trims and profiles including where, when, and why they are used.

  • Types of Tile

    In this course, we will cover the main types of tiles, the common manufacturing processes used, and what a tile setter needs to understand about tiles to install them correctly.