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FCT Level 2

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Courses in FCT Level 2
  • Markets that Use Tile

    This is a brief introduction of various markets that use tile and where it is installed.

  • History of Tile

    Overview of the history of tile.

  • Related Products and Industries

    Introduction to terrazzo, restoration, care and maintenance

  • Introduction to Trims and Profiles

    This course in an introduction to trims and profiles including where, when, and why they are used.

  • Introduction to Bonding Materials

    Introduction to bonding materials and where they are used

  • Introduction to Preparation Materials

    Introduction to materials used to prep surfaces

  • Introduction to Grout

    Introduction to different types of grout

  • Introduction to Primers

    This course in an introduction to primers including where and why they are used.

  • Waterproof Membranes 101

    Introduction to waterproof membranes

  • Crack Isolation Membrane 101

    This is an introductory course to crack isolation membranes.

  • Mortar Beds and Admixtures 101

    This is an introduction to mortar beds and admixtures.

  • Introduction to Cleaning Agents and Sealers

    Just before you leave a project, you may need to do a final cleaning or seal the surface.  This course introduces you to the products that are used and when.

  • Sealants

    This is an introductory course to sealants or the products used to allow movement in your finished tile assembly.

  • Reference Manuals

    Introduction to ANSI standards, the TCNA Handbook, and the NTCA Reference Manual. These books are the backbone for the tile industry methods and standards.

  • Hand Tools Equipment Knowledge

    In the introductory course, you learned the basics of hand tools you'll use on the job. This course goes into more detail about these tools.

  • Grinding Tool Equipment Knowledge

    Grinding tools are essential to most tile installations.  This course will review the grinding tools that you could see and use.

  • Mixing Tool Equipment Knowledge

    This course will review the various drills, paddles, and hand tools that can be used to mix materials.

  • Elevation Equipment Knowledge

    This course reviews elevation equipment that you could use on the job.

  • Demolition Tools Equipment Knowledge

    In any remodel, you will need to do some demolition including removing old tile.  This course reviews the demolition equipment that you could use in remodels.

  • Power Tool Equipment Knowledge

    This course will review power tools that you will see and use on the job.

  • Warehouses

    Every company will utilize warehouses differently.  Some may be in someone's garage, others could be attached to the contractors business and others may use their distributor.  This course reviews different warehouses and how each could be used.

  • Grout Overview Video

    Even though you have watched an intro to grout course, here is a video created for NTCA by TEC to further explain grouts.

  • Standard Cement (Dry-Set) Grout

    Introduction to cement based grout and the installation process

  • Epoxy Grout

    Introduction to epoxy grout and the application process

  • High Performance Cement Grout

    Introduction to high performance cement grout and the application process

  • Ready to Use Grout

    Introduction to ready to use grout and how it is installed.

  • Multi-Functional Floor Machines

    Introduction to power grouters and when they are used

  • Grout Clean-Up and Detailing

    Before leaving the project, make sure that grout has been removed from all surfaces and would be acceptable to the end user.  This course reviews steps you should take to proper finish your grout work before leaving the job.

  • Grout Problems and Remedies

    This course reviews common problems associated with grout and how to remedy them.